Friday mystery object #265

This week I have a specimen that I’ve been looking at recently that you might like to have a go at identifying:

Mystery monkey

Mystery monkey

This was being used in handling sessions and needed a tooth to be reattached (huzzah for Paraloid B72), but I noticed that it lacked an identification beyond ‘monkey’ and I thought that could be improved upon.

Here it is laid out more usefully for identification purposes:

mystery265I know what I’ve narrowed it down to, but I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

17 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #265

  1. can I name the genus or do you want it in hints? For now the hint: starts with a “M” and ends with a “e” and it has something to do with crabs..

  2. Isn’t it the one whose extended species Robert Sapolsky wrote about in his memoirs? Do their cousins have manes and live on cliffs near where we evolved?

    Am completely guessing, of course, based on length of jaw and the comments here so far.

    I swear I’d be better at this if the questions were about cricket records. Ask me about Bradman, or Jardine or Tendulkar… 🙂

  3. Also, may I just that, often inscrutable though it may be to dilettante me, I adore this series by Paolo and it makes my life a little richer each week.

    Many thanks to all.

    Although if this thing turns out to be one of those things carpenters use, I want a full explanation as to why…

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