Friday mystery object #252

This week I have an object for you that one of my colleagues in Anthropology asked me to check the identification of:


Any ideas what bone this is made from and, more of a challenge, what the function of this worked object might have been in its culture of origin?

As usual you can leave your questions, observations and suggestions in the comments box below. Have fun!

15 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #252

  1. I hate dipping my piggy toe into cultural things I have a nose for. It looks like I’m blowing my own trumpet (or very similar).

    • It’s not documented as being a comb and it’s not from Turkey, but you could be in the right region in terms of the animal it comes from!

  2. Definitely ununfused ungulate canon bone. I’m thinking it is a little broad for deer, but I’m at my desk and not in the museum. I would like to see what the proximal end looks like.

  3. If it is not a shamanic (ideotechnic) related or hunting magic-related object, then perhaps it is a very detailed geometrically carved gaming-relating magical piece.

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