Friday mystery object #238

Since it’s Halloween I thought it might be appropriate to have something a bit creepy to identify – and what’s more creepy than clowns? Apart from maybe dolls. So here’s a clown doll:


Any idea what this creepy little object is made from?

While you’re pondering on that you may want to also have a think about what this eerie noise from the British Library Wildlife Sound Archive is made by:

…and it’s not the sound of a tiny wild clown chasing sheep in the dead of night.


10 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #238

  1. A bit of John Clare:

    ‘How sweet and pleasant grows the way
    Through summer time again,
    While —s call from day to day
    Amid the grass and grain.

    We hear it in the weeding time
    When knee deep waves the corn,
    We hear it in the summer’s prime
    Through meadows night and morn;

    And now I hear it in the grass
    That grows as sweet again,
    And let a minute’s notice pass
    And now ’tis in the grain.

    ‘Tis like a fancy everywhere
    A sort of living doubt,
    We know ’tis something but it ne’er
    Will blab the secret out.’

    or Andrew Marvell, sounding a more Halloweeny note:

    ‘Unhappy birds! what does it boot
    To build below the grasses’ root;
    When lowness is unsafe as height,
    And chance overtakes what scapeth spite?
    And now your orphan parents call
    Sounds your untimely funeral.
    Death-trumpets creak in such a note,
    And ’tis the sourdine in their throat.’

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