Friday mystery object #224

For the last few weeks I’ve been using cat skulls as mystery objects, because they are really hard to tell apart and I was hoping that some useful distinguishing features might get spotted when you try to identify them.

I certainly feel like I’ve learned something, but I’m pleased to say that there aren’t too many more skulls to go, because it’s really difficult. This next one should hopefully be a bit easier than some of the recent cats:


Any idea what fine felid this skull comes from?

As usual I would really appreciate your thoughts in the comments section below – let’s see if we can crack this!

19 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #224

  1. Hmmm….incomplete orbits, nifty sagittal crest that only come up a bit from the occiput. Felis chaus. Jones I imagine will disagree because it’s Friday. Thanks Paolo!

  2. From the size, sagittal crest, the curve of the upper skull, the auditory bulla size and knowing it is not North American I think it might be in the Pardofelis genus?

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