Friday mystery object #218

This week I have another skull from the Horniman’s collections for you to have a go at identifying:


Any ideas what this might be from? As usual you can leave your suggestions, thoughts and questions in the comments box below.


32 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #218

  1. Just running out to school so only had a quick look, but definitely looks like a *us***d, maybe M.m. or the similar one which you find at the seaside (don’t know the latin name without looking it up). I know a lot of the middle-sized family look the same.

  2. There are three unicuspid upper premolars in front of the carnassial tooth so that rules out the M*st*la genus. I’d certainly agree it’s the M*rt*s genus, but I don’t think it’s M. m*rt*s, as the muzzle looks maybe a little too extended. The lower line of the mandible doesn’t look right to me for M. *m*r*c*n*, which according to some images I’ve viewed, has a flatter line on the posterior half of the mandible running toward the angular process. Maybe the ‘m*rt*n from the seaside’, as Jake suggests, or the ‘m*rt*n of the pebble’.

  3. Boo, I was going to say m*st**id as well but people beat me to it (We use a very similar skull for a workshop).

    However, just to keep things interesting, shall we entertain the possiblitiy of it being a vi**rr*d of some sort?

  4. Seems like a river otter (Lontra canadensis) from what i checked in Human and Non Human Bone Identification Atlas. Short snout, no post-orbital protrusion, large infraorbital foramen, projections posterior to the auditory meatus… Any thoughts?

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