Friday mystery object #207 answer

A very late and brief answer to the last mystery object I’m afraid – hopefully I’ll get back on track soon, once everything has calmed down a bit!

I gave you this object to identify:



It was a bit of a mean one, since these teeth are mostly broken with several missing. but there were some great answers.

Several of you recognised these as teeth from a juvenile Old World primate, so well done to henstridgesj, Jake and Jakob Ramlau. Jakob also alluded to dogs in his answer and I wonder if he managed to spot that the  primate was a Dog-faced Baboon Papio cynocephalus (Linnaeus, 1766) or Yellow Baboon as it’s also known.


I’ll take some time to talk about deciduous teeth sometime soon, once I’m able to sit down and get back to blogging properly!



4 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #207 answer

  1. Never do the Friday mystery object on a hangover! Insanity caused my poor shrivelled little brain to assume ‘metric’ below the teeth meant meters. Blame the wine x 😉 Hence my answer of elephant. Bummer. How do I get as clever as you natural science dudes? x

  2. Paolo is far too polite to say this, but the blame for the late posting of the answer lies largely with the fact he and Melissa gave up their Saturday to help his parents. We are very grateful and apologise for the knock-on effect on the FMO

    • Partly 😉 But also frantically writing text for an exhibition due to open in 3 weeks, preparing questions for interviews for the NatSCA job and dealing with the last stages of editing for Jake’s book! Busy week.

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