Friday mystery object #207

This week I have a difficult mystery object for you to have a go at identifying. It was found in a crate of stray teeth and bones that recently came to light and I’m afraid it’s not in the best condition. Any idea what this incomplete run of teeth may have come from?


Click for a bigger image

As usual you can put your comments, questions and suggestions below and I’ll do my best to respond as quickly as possible. Good luck!

25 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #207

  1. In my super expert opinion (I am a tad determined to get at least 1 Friday mystery object right!) an elephant or mammoth or something big with meter long teeth! Am I right? … About the big animal thing? 🙂 x Linda

  2. Staying with the Old World vibe but forgetting the monkey part…
    Hominid fossil? Don’t like the way the incisor looks to be tapered though.

  3. Apologies to all – the answer will be late again this week as I have a pressing deadline! I expect it will be posted on Sunday or Monday. Sorry all!

  4. A toothy specimen– and the mystery of the dog that did not bark?
    Teeth without roots?
    To me the molar seems somewhat devoid of roots? But there is some monkey business afoot. Being but a former MD I am tempted to suggest decidous teeth from some ape/monkey. The teeth to be lost loses its roots by skilful desorption and one day they just drop out. Like some of us do in the end.
    I collected some decidous teeth from a loved pet dog — my very loose suggestion is that this collection might come from a pet monkey, losing its first dentition.
    But, but, but …….?

  5. Somewhat too late I realize that there are three molars — and not three views of the same molar. I gnash my own teeth in shame–
    But all the same: August 26th, 12:44 p.m: “what the roots tell you”–
    I wait in anticipation……….

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