Friday mystery object #193

This week I’ve decided to give you an object to identify that came up in our collections review recently with the splendid Colin McCarthy. We have a lot of these in our collection, most of which were unidentified. Any idea which species this is from?


You can leave your suggestions below and I’ll respond during the day. Enjoy the challenge and have a thoroughly enjoyable Easter break!

8 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #193

  1. Happy Easter Paolo, my first suggestion is G******* b********** but I am still looking . I think the size at least is about right. I had thought it might also be G********* d********** but I don’t want to give up yet. The searching and learning new stuff is what this is all about.

  2. It looks too dark to be one from the Middle East. Although it could be from Central or South America, your collections are weak in those regions. So I’d go for a tortoise from Africa. South Africa has some really ornate tortoises. This one isn’t particularly ornate. It’s a relatively young specimen. Shell still has all the annular rings, each is distinct, not worn down. And it’s still growing gangbusters. Because of that, my guess it it was a pet that didn’t do well. A pet that was owned by a biologist, or someone who knows a biologist.

  3. Too bad the gular scutes are gone since that could help, but the coloration, missing nuchal scute, and overall shape lead me in the same direction as Barbara’s first guess. And probably a male judging from the concave posterior plastron … if you believe the internet.

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