Friday mystery object #182

This week I have a bit of break from the norm. Rather than giving you a specimen from the Horniman to identify, I have a couple of guest mystery objects from Cyler Conrad for you to attempt.

These two bones were uncovered in an archaeological site in San Francisco, California, USA and they are proving hard to identify. Any idea what they might be from?



As always, you can put your comments and suggestions below, but please also feel free to engage in discussion about these objects – let’s see what emerges!

24 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #182

  1. In case it helps, these were excavated from a site dating to the early 1800’s on the original shoreline of San Francisco Bay. Of course it is possible that the material may have been deposited earlier and was mixed with the historical deposits, yet so far it appears that the site has good stratigraphic integrity.

  2. Another animal that may well have been hunted for fur on the coast would have been Enhydra lutris. From the images of E.l. femurs I’ve been able to find, they seem to have two articular surfaces. The size and general shape seem a good match.

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