Friday mystery object #119

It’s been a long time since I gave you an anthropological mystery object, so here you go:

Any idea what this is, what it’s for, how it works and (if you’re feeling up for a challenge) where it’s from?

Comments, questions and suggestions below  and I’ll do my best to respond – I hope you enjoy the challenge!

38 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #119

  1. Looks like it is made of copper and has a Middle Eastern look about it. I’ll take two widely different guesses.

    1. Administering enemas?
    2. A still

    • Copper is good, it’s not from the Middle East and your guesses are a little off, although the mechanism of second one has an overlap with the mechanism of what this is for to some extent.

  2. Hmm, Greek, Roman? Roman, Greek? Though there was a lot of overlap anyway, with colonies of each in the other’s country at different times. Unless that label is either very large or very small, this looks about the right size to serve something you might be enjoying tomorrow night ….

  3. Being made of copper implies the contents were heated and it looks like it would only be possible to put a liquid in side. Perhaps part of a primitive steam-driven mechanism. Possibly Greek.

  4. I have a few questions/ thoughts:
    1) How can you tell the difference between copper and bronze?
    2) Can we assume evaporation the important process here?
    3) What scale is the vessel?
    4) Looks crude, so possibly early??. I’m going to take a punt at Chinese or middle-eastern for the region of origin

  5. Fiddling around on Google, it looks like a description I found for a Tibetan steam-blower. Between painfully slow laptop and impending order to get my butt in the shower prior to going to dinner via the birthday present shop, don’t have time to look into it further; may be an early precursor to steam engine technology, and also found a reference to these being used in part of the mechanism to raise temple doors.

    If I am wrong, then there is a clear gap in themarket for a door-raising mechanism based on steam, and I’ll see you on the next series of Dragon’s Den…

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