Friday mystery object #179

This week I have a bit of an odd object for you to identify:


Any idea what this is?

You can put your comments, questions and suggestions below and I’ll do my best to reply during the day. Good luck!


48 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #179

  1. Hmmm… I’m not even in the right league to guess what this might belong to, but I get the feeling that the abscence of any obvious processes in these vertebrae (if that’s indeed what these are) “must” be diagnostic… Maybe it’s a bebe?*

    *Ok, I meant foetus, but “bebe” is nicer…

  2. Could this be an artefact then? A necklace/wristband of bone beads maybe? It’s hard to tell if they’re meant to be strung together…

  3. You can’t see if they are a set of rings or plates, but my thought was ossified cartilage rings from some animals t******. Dried Beef t****** are sold for their apparent medicinal properties.

  4. Pareidolia rules – they look like they fit together pretty well! They could be widest in the middle and tapering towards both ends, but I’m going for starting widest and tapering to a point and suggesting an armadillo’s tail or something like that.

    Unless it’s something to do with reindeer…..

    • Nothing to do with Reindeer! Or Armadillos or tails. However, you’re absolutely right when you say that they fit together well and that the taper doesn’t necessarily follow what is shown in this specimen… although what is shown isn’t wrong, it just isn’t the only way of representing the taper… which raises interesting questions with a useful answer.

  5. After much deliberation and consultation with HT we have decided that it could be horn cores sectioned longitudinally, snapped rather than cut. The curve at the top and bottom edges, and the differenciated materials were our clues.

  6. Was the organism from which these bones derive deformed in any way? Was the animal a ‘normal’ member of its species, or physiologically unusual in some way? Was it adult or immature? I’m trying to think outside the box here.

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