Friday mystery object #175

This Friday I have a bit of a change for you – an anthropological mystery object made from animal bits. This specimen was being looked at as part of a review project that we have going on at the Horniman Museum. Any idea what these teeth might belong to and where in the world this necklace might come from?

As usual you can put your suggestions, observations and questions below and I’ll do my best to respond. Good luck!

24 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #175

  1. Isn’t that vertebrae from some fish though, and not coral as earlier suggested? Popular to make beads from.
    No idea for teeth and definitely not where in the world might be from.

  2. Top necklace is definitely centra from an e**********h, a small one. These are spacers between I’m guessing teeth from a C***s l***s. The bottom necklace appears to be the same teeth with coral beads. Location? I’m thinking S**** P*****, possibly N.Z****** or N.G***** or PNG …..or the S*****ns. Maybe it’s from the M**r* people?

      • Hope I got this right because I punched the air and hooted audibly. The teeth are from a member of the M************a suborder, genus P******s I think. No idea on species, tho. Wild guess, P. a****o.

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