Friday mystery object #169

This week I thought I’d give you another object that I had to identify from a mixed box of specimens:

Any idea what this skull might have belonged to?

You can put your questions, comments and suggestions below and I’ll do my best to respond. Good luck!

22 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #169

  1. wow! that’s a though one I think. Is it a reptile skull, looking at the teeth? But it is rather large. I found a similar skull but only the jaws looks similar. that was a lizard that looked like a snake.

  2. M.C.s Australian relative? It’s great to be back on line. We moved house and its taken two months to get a phone line connected.

  3. The long tapered shape and teeth made me think that it has a long narrow body similar to a caiman. The “not a reptile” had me stumped. I figured it out when the long body stuck its head out of a burrow and tried to bit me while I was snorkeling. It was almost electrifying, but not quite.

  4. Wow! I got this one without looking at the comments! I first thought lizard, or fish. Ruled out lizard quickly, then ID’d this handily based on what I know from local relatives here in the Eastern Pacific. Very cool specimen. I always do better with skulls. Thanks!

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