Friday mystery object #138

Postcranial bones are found more often than skulls, but they can be harder to identify since they don’t have such diagnostic characteristics (like teeth). So, any idea what this piece of postcranial skeleton is and what it comes from?

As usual you can put your answers below and I will do my best to respond (within my technological and temporal constraints). I’m sure some of the other biology types will be willing and able to give guidance. Good luck!

18 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #138

  1. This looks familiar as something from which meat has been carved …. So I am going with sheep. Leg o’lamb, or more likely mutton. Which leg? Front I think ….

  2. OK, now when I hold the sheep bone up aganst it, there are some slight differences but the size is the same.

  3. This one is 17cm. I have a 8 month old red deer hind humerus which is about 20cm, so it is too big to be red but the proportions are right. I have a young roe deer one which is about 16cm but roe is much thinner. So I am going to stick with deer but say axis or sika.

  4. I am looking forward to the technical stuff on Monday. Does this animal have 6 more chromasomes than a sheep?

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