Friday mystery object #133

Last week’s mystery object was a bit too easy, so this week I’m giving you more of a challenge:

Can you work out what these bones are and which animal they’re from?

I’ll do my best to respond to your questions, comments and suggestions if you put them below. Good luck!

24 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #133

  1. I so look forward to Friday mystery objects, making guesses and learning from everyone’s observations and comments. I’m really enjoying myself and I’m glad I discovered this site and the regulars on it!

    • I always look forward to this on Fridays; and if I delay looking at it long enough, someone is sure to have done all the hard work already. Well done Rhea & Jake on the initial bone IDs!

  2. I can see now where I was going wrong on the shape of the mandible. When I compare it to my fox, it is very similar but much bigger and Jake thinks it only a young one. I’ve looked up the location, it’s in quite a built up area, so it could be a stray dog. My friends dog fell throuigh the ice on our local gravel pit, and drowned, when we lived in Cambridgeshire.

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