Friday mystery object #112

This week I’m handing over to a colleague, crossword competitor and member of the Mystery Object community, Rachel:

Welcome to my first (and hopefully not last) guest Friday Mystery Object. I hope what I’ve chosen isn’t too glaringly easy; if it is, please feel free to allow yourself a smug smile and a pat on the back, but do try to resist shouting out the answer until Sunday so as not to spoil the game for others. Cryptic clues are much more fun.

Today’s object is, as usual, from the collections of the Horniman Museum. I will hopefully be available over the weekend to offer feedback on suggestions or questions, and I’ll provide the answer on Monday.

Good luck!

25 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #112

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  2. Being an engineer and way too squeamish to have even done GCE biology, I’m looking at the lower part of the bill – sticks out beyond the upper and looks quite robust. Might this be a scaffold from which the equivalent of a fishing net would hang?

  3. Nice choice, birds are fun to guess!
    Is it extant, though many of its relatives are not? Does it share – by pure coincidence – part of its common name with a form of overland transport? Probably not, but enjoying the cryptic clues game!
    BTW, the “accidental” omission of a scale bar is very naughty indeed, tut-tut…

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