Friday mystery object #105

Well, it’s the second anniversary of the Friday Mystery Object – how time flies! Speaking of flying, I’ve decided to give you a bird skeleton to identify this week. Any idea what this is:

Comments below as usual – I’m sure that some of you will work it out straight-away, so please drop hints rather than give-away the answer to those less familiar with the anatomy of our feathered friends.

Best of luck!

44 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #105

  1. Oh Paolo how could you? Poor Big Bird. The other residents of Sesame Street must be out of their skins worrying you’re going to do the same to them ….

  2. It’s definitely not a pelican, Pelicans have long thin beaks. The beak isn’t right for a Dodo and the body isn’t right for a penguin, it looks like a pair of wings are folded up on it’s back (could be wrong).

    If it is what I think it is, there was a movie based on it.

  3. I think its a Kookaburra, or similar kingfisher. Shoebills are much, much larger, with very different bills, and long legs. The bill is all wrong for everything else so far suggested too.

  4. Naughty Paolo, not including a scale bar…

    Definitely not a pelican/penguin/stork/raven/dodo/Big Bird.

    As to what it is…Coraciiformes looks more likely. I don’t think it’s a kingfisher, at least not our common kingfisher, as the beak’s the wrong shape – in Alcedo atthis the beak is quite long and thin. So I’m going to go with Halcyonidae, and probably a kookaburra (Dacelo sp.)

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