Friday mystery object #103

This week I’m giving you one that you should get to the family very quickly, but you may take a bit longer identifying the species. Good luck!

You can put your suggestions, comments and questions below and I will do my best to answer as I get the chance.

Good luck!

15 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #103

  1. I did my usual “research” (i.e. looked for likely candidates amongst Google images) and got the impression that Sus pigs generally have a longer skull, sort of an acute angle profile, while this one is shorter and more obtuse…
    So, I’m going to go with Peccary as well, and since it’s apparently not a collared peccary I’m going to go with White-lipped (the other species seem too rare or too recently discovered, so I’m using the ol’ Occam’s Razor on this one)

  2. With such a short snout, we must be talking Peccary as opposed to anything Suidae? Unless it’s young?
    I’m guessing after that point. Chaco Peccary?

    It almost, apart from the obvious difference, looks like Babirusa. But that obvious difference is way too obvious to be accounted for!

  3. I ran over a collared peccary (also known as a javelina) when I was in arizona and it’s skull looked very similar so that’s my guess.

  4. I see collated peccary has already been rejected! Maybe it’s an Asian variety of pig – something pot- bellied?

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