Friday mystery object #91

This week I’m going to give you an object that’s on display at the Horniman Museum. Whenever I see this specimen I’m reminded of the diversity of life that is out there in the wider world, that we never consider normally. Any idea what this skeleton belongs to?

As usual, I will do my best to reply to your questions, observations and suggestions in the comments section below.

Good luck!

38 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #91

  1. I had been thinking “Something which rolls up”, but comments from Neil and Jack seem to have thrown me from that.

    • Generally it’s appreciated if the answer can be communicated with fun hints and clues when possible – but you can just type a suggestion if you like (I may however change it to read CORRECT ANSWER if you have it right).

  2. As a non-biologist I really appreciate the clues from the knowledgeable on the easier ones. So if I happen to get it right I am really pleased! It’s no fun if someone who knows their stuff gives the answer straight away – but sometimes the object is a mystery even to them.

  3. at first feet looked like a sloth, then I though they might be zygodactylous, which means this could be in the family with the rest of the Old World Chameleons. I’d need to see the skull better, and the teeth to nail it.

  4. It looks like a silky anteater to me. (I say this without having read any other comments to this post, so this may already have been ruled out… but that was my immediate thought on seeing it).

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