Friday mystery object #85

This Friday I’m at a conference in sunny Newcastle, so I might not get to answer questions on this post until a bit later in the day, but I have a feeling you won’t need my help on this one! Any idea what this object from the Horniman collection might be?

Please do feel free to ask questions and make suggestions below – I will do my very best to respond. Good luck!

16 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #85

  1. I bet Newcastle is sunnier than Cromer. I think Jake’s right. Looks like the cross-section of the schnozz of something with very dense bones indeed, so I’d say dugong. Or manatee. Creatures where pachyostosis is the dish of the day.

  2. Having been at the same conference as Paolo, where he told a bunch of us what his FMO would be, I have to recuse myself with a merry goo goo g’joob to you all.

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