Friday mystery object #83

This Friday I’ve decided to give you a challenge in the form of one of my favourite interesting animal bits. This mystery object is one that a few people in the know will identify immediately, because it is so distinctive, but anyone who hasn’t seen one before is likely to struggle a bit.

Do you have any idea what type of bone this is and which species it came from? (N.B. it’s the same bone photographed from different sides.)

For those few that are in the know perhaps you could drop hints rather than blurting out the answer and for the rest of you, please feel free to ask for clues – I will do my best to offer guidance throughout the day.

Good luck!

33 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #83

  1. What a weird creature! I first thought it was some kind of vertebra until I looked more closely. The bottom end looks like a CORRECT BONE, sort of, with that articular condyle. And look at those huge flaring crests. If so, it’s from a small but very robust animal perhaps adapted for digging – I’d guess a CORRECT GENUS AND SPECIES.

  2. Okay, I know what bone it is but not what animal.

    I actually had one of this kind of bone from a different animal drying in my house after being washed !

  3. Well, I’m sure it would have taken me a lot longer without the clues posted above, but, yes, its the CORRECT BONE of a CORRECT. (CORRECT GENUS & SPECIES, presumuably).

  4. Dang! I didn’t look at this until now (11:07 pm). I know this one. In our Osteology class our professor used it as a bonus question. The catch? He put it in a bag and we had to identify and side it! It’s a CORRECT BONE from a CORRECT ANIMAL. I haven’t seen any other species besides Scalopus aquaticus, so that has to be my guess, lol. I am quite sure based on the previous comments that I am not the first to quess that.

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