Friday mystery object #72

The wintry conditions this week have inspired me to seek something warming for this week’s mystery object:

Any idea where this snug looking item is from and what it’s made of?

As usual you can put your suggestions, observations and questions in the comments section below. Good luck and stay warm!

53 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #72

  1. It looks like a skirt – I’m sure I’ve seen pictures of men wearing these whilst stood frozen still waiting for the camera’s 3 minutes exposure time to be up. That would place it somewhere in Siberia, or where the Nordic folk think of as “up north”. Not sure what it’s made of. Beaver fur?

    The good news is that I’ve eliminated this possibility now, so you can all go on to get it right.

    • It does look like a skirt, but alas it is not. I’m also pretty sure that the Nordic folk wouldn’t think of this as coming from “up north”…

      Oh, it’s not beaver fur either!

  2. Hm, that hair is very familiar, I’d say donkey or horse. The edging looks vaguely like something I’ve seen before too. The string handles look quite flimsy compared to the whole thing, suggesting they’re to keep it in place rather than carry it. Difficult to tell because the handles are under the object but it look as though if placed edge-to-edge that side would be shorter than the handle-to-handle distance on the other side. Yay, it’s another of Madonna’s basques! If Madonna were a Mongolian horsewoman that is ….

    • Nay – not a horse or donkey (bad pun, I know). Also not Mongolian. I’m sure you’ve probably seen one of these somewhere – I’ve certainly seen them on TV before.

      For younger readers I would like to explain that when it comes to clothing, Madonna references are the historical equivalent of Lady Gaga references 😉

      • yes, I couldn’t remember whether I said Madonna or Lady Gaga for the the headhunters’ bag. Saw Madge on TV the other day – she sure is amazing, put her side by side with Lady G and you’d be pushed to say which was which generation …

  3. My initial thought was “papoose!”, but it looks like a small child could easily slip out the bottom. The stringing along the edges remind me of things I have seen from Alaska or maybe the Aleutians?

  4. With help from the clues above, because I’ll have to admit I wouldn’t have got there on my own – a CORRECT ANSWER?

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