Friday mystery object #71

[N.B. I posted this early by accident and SmallCasserole got it immediately, so I feel that there should be an additional object this week to make amends for my mistake…]

This Friday I’ve decided to pull out something geological, since I have recently established links with the London Geodiversity Partnership and rocks are on my mind. Not any old rocks mind – this one has a fossil embedded in it:

Any idea what this fossil is?

Now for your bonus mystery object:

As usual you can put your suggestions, observations and questions in the comments section below and I will do my best to provide useful hints for both of them. Good luck!

10 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #71

  1. The first is a graptolite, Didymograptus, maybe D.murchisoni

    Is the second actually an adult skull?
    I was wondering what a neo-nate elephant looks like.

  2. 1. is a graptolite, though I couldn’t tell you which one, I’m afraid. Referring to my undergrad palaeontology textbook I’ll suggest some kind of pendant Didymograptus. D. “bifidis” perhaps?

    2. is a juvenile elephant. The sutures haven’t fused and its been separated out so you can see the individual bones. Very nice.

  3. The only thing I know the first one looks like is the skin inside the top bill of a duck or a goose, but I don’t think it’s that.

    I think I know the second one. When I got a VIP tour at Perth Museum I took my baby brother and a bone expert called Catherine showed me on his head how the bones haven’t joined yet. So it’s big and it’s thick but it’s a baby. The jaw looks like an elephant jaw I saw in Dundee because it goes down a bit at the front. Here is a picture, it’s number 4.

    So I think it’s an elephant.

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