Friday mystery object #69

Here’s an object I’ve been thinking about using for ages, but I’d forgotten I had a photo of it – even though it’s one of my favourite oddities from the collection:

Any idea what this weird skull might belong to?

As usual, questions, comments and suggestions below and I’ll do my best to provide answers and (not too obvious) clues. Good luck!

20 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #69

  1. Dang it. The one time I don’t have to google to check my answer Henry beats me to it. One of the most popular labels in the Grant Museum is on one of these (assuming I’m right). It’s one of the most inappropriately names animals out there, given that it isn’t a xxxxxx and it can’t xxx.

    • That would make it too easy! I’ll see what I can do about getting an image posted up of the incisors though, for general interest if nothing else! Unfortunately that may have to wait until I’m next in the stores…

  2. CORRECT SPECIES, the CORRECT ANSWER. The snout looks narrower than in the other species.

    Although if you only found those tooth crowns you’d be forgiven for thinking you might have a shark. They’re really weird-looking.

  3. A strange looking skull, indeed, although unique enough to be identifiable. A CORRECT ANSWER, if I’m not much mistaken.

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