11 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #27

  1. It’s a bird skeleton.

    Beak suggests it’s something parroty or macawy, large sternum suggests it flies. 7cm tall is pretty small. I think it’s an adult, but the skull seems large in proportion to body.

    I’m sure I should draw a conclusion from the layout of the toes, but I’ve forgotten what it is.

    I’m going for Parakeet.

  2. @Ian

    “It’s a bird skeleton” Classic 😉

    It is a flying bird, judging by the breast bone, rather than a kakapo. Rather large eye sockets, and small beak.

    Back with suggestion after lunch.

  3. Bummer! Gphone won’t let me select whited-out text so humour your old ma. My first reaction was dodo, but I think that was more an expression of how I’m feeling after a l o n g day

    • Thanks SmallCasserole but I hadn’t made a comment to get an emal response to. What was I doing on Friday? Oh invigilation no wonder I hadn’t had a chance to.do the FMO test

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