Friday mystery object #24

Hello blogosphere! It’s Friday again – the first of the New Year, so I’d like to wish everyone a happy and productive 2010!

Having been on the road for the last couple of weeks I have been struggling to find a suitable mystery object, but here’s one I prepared earlier:

Simple question – what is it? Answers in the comments section below – I will try to feedback on questions as opportunity permits. Good luck and happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #24

  1. Mmmm… I think it’s a hippopotamus. The front teeth are fairly small so I’m thinking juvenile or female. It looks quite slender so possibly a pygmy hippopotamus.

    Struggling with this one, the flaring out towards the front of the jaw is probably a dead giveaway for someone that know’s what they’re doing. Looked at elephant, but that didn’t seem right.

    Hippopotamuses don’t seem to have any close living relatives.

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