Friday mystery object #10 answer

On Friday I presented two mystery objects after a frantic search through the photos on my phone whilst at the SVP conference in Bristol:

Name the source of this leather seat cover

Name the source of this leather seat cover

2009-09-04 10.21.29

 As it is you performed remarkably well, SmallCasserole spotted that the leather was ostrich (as did Carmenego) and Jake identified that other is a fox in a box. Well done on correctly identifying these rather ad hoc mystery objects!

The ostrich leather has very widely spaced and large follicles visible, which were originally the insertion points of their large and fluffy feathers. The monstrosity in the box is a complete fox skeleton that has not been properly treated – it looks like it’s been skinned, but then forgotten about for a very long time (since the 1960’s if the newspaper on top of it dates from around the same period).

Hopefully this Friday I will have a slightly better planned mystery object!

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