Friday mystery object #5

Since there was so much interest in last week’s mystery object, I’ve decided to stay with the same theme, but a different specimen.

Scale in cm

Scale in cm

scale in cm

Scale in cm

Scale in cm

Scale in cm

Again it is a species from the UK and you might find Will’s Skull Page useful for tracking down what this mystery beastie might be.

Be sure to register your vote on the poll – and don’t forget to hit the “vote” button to make your selection. This time I’m letting you see how the votes are going and I’m giving you the chance to change your mind and vote more than once – not sure how it will work, but there’s only one way to find out…

I would appreciate it if you let me know if and why you changed your mind in the comments section below, where you can also leave any other feedback or thoughts.

Good luck everyone – I hope you enjoy this week’s challenge!

One thought on “Friday mystery object #5

  1. So much better having the choices for a complete wimp like me, who couldn’t even face biology at school because of dissecting things.

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