Friday mystery object #458

Since everyone seemed to have fun with last week’s mystery skull, I have another that was misidentified in the Dead Zoo’s collections and which came to light during Dr George Argyros’ recent research visit:

Do you recognise this species from its skull?

As usual, you can ask questions or leave suggestion in the comments box below. If you do know what it is, then please try to keep your answers cryptic, so everyone can have a go at working it out. Have fun!

17 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #458

  1. Spotting that upper back molar I might not think it so cute-a after all perhaps a better rhyme would be ‘Ribena ribena’?

  2. Well, I did think I was seeing spots before my eyes, but this mystery has too small of bulla. The back molar cinched it for me to check the stripe. But it could be brown. Also the narrow palatine. But the orbit is so round… is that uncleaned tissue that makes is completely enclosed? And the angular process is so Loooonnnggg. Still unsure if this guy was in jail garb or a cousin to CA gov. Jerry.

  3. OK – I’m going to call it without seeing a clear photo of the upper inside molars of a Brown … but that’s what I think this is. It’s that sagittal crest, angular process, and smaller bulla that has me convinced. Also the size of the rostrum.

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