Friday mystery object #451

Happy New Year!

2023 has started off with a bit of a bang. The Dead Zoo has been given the go-ahead for the next phase of a major redevelopment project, and yesterday I signed an employment contract accepting the position of Keeper of Natural History at the National Museum of Ireland, so it looks like I have a busy few years ahead!

But that has nothing much to do with the mystery object, so here’s the specimen I have for you to identify:

It’s probably a bit on the easy side for anyone with an interest in ornithology, so if you know what this is, please keep your answer cryptic to give everyone else a chance. If not, I hope you enjoy the challenge!

27 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #451

  1. Hardly dare say this (and censor it if you like Paolo) but it’s a good job that Spooner didn’t name this one. Ooh, er missus!

  2. Then I think it’s an LBB. Technical term for Little Brown Bird. Well known among birders in the UK. Cousin to the LBJ, the Little Brown Jobbie (but not the Scottish version).

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