13 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #443

  1. Is that the color it was before it was stuffed, or has it faded?
    Joe VanS notes the tail, which does look long and skinny for the North American relative of the critters everybody so far seems to have referenced, but don’t some South American species have prehensile tails?

  2. I wish its large soft squishy nose survived taxidermy better. It’s highly boopable. It’s unfortunate one of its other prominent features isn’t well preserved either. But I’d know that dexterous tail anywhere.

  3. Hummmmmm…..
    So. I thought we had it narrowed down to one or two families (Wikipedia says that between the two there are 58 species). So I tried looking up individual species. One (Brown Hairy Dwarf somethingorother) was illustrated in Wikipedia by a picture I thought looked like Paolo’s specimen. Looking again (and at the photo credit saying it was in the Natural history Museum in Dublin), I think it IS Paolo’s specimen.

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