Friday mystery object #437

This week I have a bony mystery object for you to have a go at identifying:

Any idea what animal this might be from?

As ever, you can leave your thoughts in the comments section below – if you think it’s easy then please keep your answer cryptic, so other people can enjoy the challenge.

7 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #437

  1. So what made the hole? Post-mortem damage (even if not the irregular shape suggests it was enlarged by post-mortem damage)?
    Or did it at least start as… a spear wound?
    But anyway, since it’s over a foot long even with the top edge broken, I’ll go with (at least) the mega part of Chris’s thought.

  2. My first instinct was that this could be of the equine persuasion. However a bit of research reveals that the scapular spine of a horse lacks an acromion which is clearly present here, so no, my horsey guess was wrong. I guess Chris is right (again).

  3. Holy Cow! I was getting buffaloed into thinking it might be domestic. Aren’t Elk scapula usually much longer than 12 inches? I think Adam is correct on the acromion not being equine. The spine is certainly deep enough to be elk. But I am not wanting to get buffaloed into not looking at any other options. The hole and coloration of the bone makes me think it was worked and perhaps burned. Because of that, I am now wondering if this might be one of Santa’s team that didn’t make the cut…?

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