Friday mystery object #427

For this week’s mystery object, I’ve decided to go back to skulls. Any idea what this one belongs to?

I’m sure several of you will recognise this, so please keep your suggestions cryptic, to keep the game fun for people who are less familiar with this kind of critter. Enjoy!

17 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #427

  1. ‘I say Ratty, your huge South American cousin has come to visit and I must say, he looks even more at ease on the water than you do!’

  2. (My amateur status is about to be put on display…)
    Obviously a rodent, but that leaves a wide range of choices: most species mammalian order, etc…
    Lots of rodents have jaw muscles extending up onto the snout through huge infra-orbital openings, but it seems to me that this feature is most pronounced in the South American clade, so I’m happy with Chris’s reference to S.A.
    Beyond that… The incisors are fairly narrow, and the molar crowns startlingly (for a rodent) simple: is it a fairly omnivorous kind? (The only South American rodent whose molar crowns I have a mental picture of is the Capybara, which goes to the other extreme: to use a Proboscidean analogy, this one has molars like, oh, Moeritherium, whereas the Capybara has molars that make Mammuthus’s look conventional!)

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