Friday mystery object #423

This week I have another fishy specimen for you to have a go at identifying:

This one was caught in deep water off the coast of Ireland and is preserved in one of the large fluid tanks behind the scenes in the Dead Zoo. If you recognise the species maybe drop a hint in the comments box below. Enjoy the challenge!

8 thoughts on “ Friday mystery object #423

  1. I’m going with a word that occurs in both Jennifer and Wouter’s posts. The large number of gill openings behind the head makes it clearly a shark… and have I counted right that there are six of them? The jaw articulation is weird for a fish: looks more like what you’d have on some tetrapod or other (so my first guess, before I read the text saying it was from deep in the ocean, was that it might be some sort of salamander or caecilian): is this what amphistyly looks like in the flesh?
    Anyway, Wikipedia says there are two species in this genus, and if it was caught off Ireland it probably isn’t the one from South African waters.

  2. My first guesses are always wrong. So I’m not going to. Instead I’ll go with wot Allen sed. He seems to know his stuff.

  3. About the weird jaws… Most sharks have noses that project well forward of the jaw opening (including, as it happens, the other living genus included among the six-gilled). In this critter — confirming the “frilled” id — the mouth opening is terminal. It just doesn’t look sharklike!
    Very strange animal.
    (I seem to have given up any effort to be cryptic: sorry.)

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