10 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #411

  1. Wood you believe it? A sight for saw eyes! Shame we can’t see the head markings under that dust -it might have a face like a camel!

  2. Comment on the discussion so far. The overall appearance of Paolo’s deceased guest is definitely fly-like: hence Palfreyman’s initial suggestion of the fly and mosquito order, Diptera. But, as he also noted, it has a prominent ?ovipositor? (not being a real entomologist, I couldn’t tell an ovipositor from some other sort of tail-spike, but this sounds like a plausible identification). Now, such structures seem … uncharacteristic … of Dipterans. The Wikipedia article on the order has photos of 18 different members of the order, representing different sub-taxa, and NONE show a tailspin like this. Chris Jarvis and James Bryant seem to be hinting at an insect which looks fly-like enough to have “fly” as part of its common name, but which in fact belongs to a different order, Hymenoptera: about as far removed from Diptera as any holometabolous insect is! (To preserve my amateur standing, I’ll limit myself to what I can be confident about: Arthropod. With a spikelike telson?)

    • Arthropod? Ha ha ha. I think you can be bolder and go as far as insect.

      Almost definitely a hymenopteran, though not of the wasp/bee/ant sort.

  3. Oh, all right: Insect if you must. The wings are pretty much unmistakable, and Insects, so far as I know, are the only Arthropods to have evolved wings. As for Hymenopteran… that seems to be the suggestion, but insects are tricky: lots of taxa “mimic” others to which they are only distantly related. As an amateur, I’m not going to stick my neck out!

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