10 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #407

    • Can you get a Geococcyx velox (lesser roadrunner) skull, WvG? I could not find a single photo online, and just two scientific drawing. Their IUCN is LC, too.

      • So far I’ve never come across this species, and American species are very hard to get if they are not a hunted species or kept in captivity. I only have a greater roadrunner so far. But if I ever get a lesser, I’ll certainly put it on my website

  1. Thanks WvG, i wanted to call it a vulture..

    My what big eyebrows you have grandma…

    All the better to See with my dear…
    what a fright!

  2. Well, it’s clearly a dinosaur skull. Neoaves to boot. I want it to be an ostrich but that bill precludes the possibility. A ratite though? Let me check the other responses…

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