Friday mystery object #403

This week’s mystery object is one I’ve been sitting on for about seven years and I’ve held off posting it because I think it might not be much of a challenge for some of you. However, it’s an incredibly cool object and I think it’s time to share it:

If you know what this is, please keep your answers nice and cryptic so the people who don’t recognise it can enjoy the challenge. Have fun!

17 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #403

  1. A cross section of the intricate design of Captain Nemo’s submarine!
    from ‘100 tentacles beneath the sea’ by Jules Verne

  2. Everyone else’s hints are too good…so I’m going full geometry reference here…1:1.618. Tangential perhaps but I like to keep my tentacles in the other fields.

  3. Wow – you all are so so cryptic… and I have absolutely no idea what this is….a mask for the gorilla king in the Congo? I’m close aren’t I?

    • I suspect Harry Potter and the Chambered… will be a valid clue. Of course I could be completely wrong.

  4. Well yes, Captian Nemo’s sub obviously, but which of the four living species ?
    I’d suggest that since navel gazing was closed off to this guy he’d have to be none other than the second emperor of Rome.

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