Friday mystery object #367

This week I have a fantastic mystery object for you to try your hand at identifying:

It was collected in County Kerry, Ireland and is a very recent acquisition. Any ideas what it might be?

Obviously if you already know don’t just blurt it out, have a go at crafting a clever clue to share.

Have fun!

8 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #367

  1. Some clever clues led me straight to the answer. Isn’t it effectively unknown on this side of the Atlantic? Or is it a juvenile blown in?

  2. my goodness, my guinness! a long trip for a little bitters… weather or not i can figure it out, the guesses are not evenly distributed…

  3. A bird with challenging coloration‽ Who knew. An Ard-uous task for us today Paolo. I rall-y don’t know about this one.

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