Friday mystery object #364

This week I have a fantastic skull for you to have a go at identifying:

It’s pretty distinctive, thanks to that extravagant headgear. To keep it fun for everyone, try to keep your suggestions a bit on the cryptic side and preferably punny.

I hope you enjoy the challenge!

7 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #364

  1. I first went birding over 40 years ago, with the doyen of Indian ornithology, Dr Salim Ali. He identified some 50 species for me that day (about 4 from their calls alone). And I duly recorded them in my field guide to the birds of India. By the end of the day I had worked up enough courage to sign the book: he had written it, after all. So I still have it, with his slightly shaky autograph in it (he was already about 80 at the time).

    And I am still rubbish at identifying birds. I instantly looked at Cassowary skulls and was, of course, wrong.

    I shall wait for Wouter or someone equally expert to give me a clue. Currently, as always when it comes to birds, I am so Clueless I might as well be Alicia Silverstone (or her character Cher).

  2. The beak shape is familiar, but alas, not so much so that I remember what bird it comes from! The nares seem low down on the beak. The protuberance is bony?

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