Friday mystery object #349

This week I have an object for you that has a name with it, but I’m not sure I trust the identification:

I’m guessing it’s a little over a foot long (but it’s hard to measure). Any idea what this long, wrinkly, pink(?) thing might be? And please keep it clean!

27 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #349

  1. It looks like its pyjamas are too big for it, but could that be just the pickling effect? I cen see traces of annuli and what looks like a tiny spike just behind the head? The tail is tapered, and I admit, that’s giving me the biggest problem for identifying it, could it be one of the Aquatic Caecilians?

  2. My people! Apparently there’s a winery there with my last name. Someone sent a pic recently.

    Aquatic – judging by the lateral flattening of the tail? Typhlonectes natans maybe?

  3. Caecilian was my first thought. I still like it. My guess is that the projection near the rear end is neither a limb (it certainly doesn’t look like one) nor a fin, but an artifact. Guess: at some stage of preparation a flap of skin wasn’t quite cut off the corpse.

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