Friday mystery object #304

This week I was worried that I didn’t have a mystery object planned, but then I stumbled across this on my phone:



It’s probably a bit too easy for some of you, so I’d encourage using some cryptic clues and hints to say what it is in the comments box below.

I’ve had a problem with spam comments recently and have switched on a filter to ensure that people’s first posts are approved (regular posters shouldn’t be affected) – fear not, I will be keeping an eye on it and approving first timers!

Have fun!

13 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #304

  1. My clue will be flippin’ cryptic all right: I ‘aven’t a beltin clue. Oh all right, I chewed it over and figured out what kind of lifestyle this animal may have.

    • So I was wrong in every particular and, as usual, am relying on the others for my clues… earthschwein! That’s what I would be saying in one of those old Commando comics, as I wrestled with the fortifications, struggling to get in in through their concrete-like walls.

  2. I have a claw of what is said to be of a smilodon which is still intact. Got it from someone who told me that it have been kept in his family for generations. I know this sounds crazy but it is not a fossil. The skin, bone and flesh still intact.
    From my observations it is not from a tiger or bear claw and has not been tempered with. Look more like a smilodon’s.
    You can email me if you want to look at the photos and give your opinion.

  3. Well, it does LOOK like … what the others say. (For a moment I thought it was a ruminant with damage to the front of the lower jaw, but the cheek teeth are either VERY worn or … simpler, like those of the taxon the others nominate.) The rear end of the mandible seems to match.
    One thinks of a couple of other critters with similar diets: scaly ones and hairy ones. Curiously, this one seems to have a much more robust dentary than they do (and HAS cheek teeth): does it vary its diet a bit and do some chewing?

  4. Palfreyman– Saying “only one species” isn’t a very cryptic hint: how many mammal species belong to mono-specific genera, monogeneric families and monofamilial orders? (Grin!)
    Jennifermacaire– Yes, the curves on the rear of the dentary are amazing!

    • I did say “if”, in my defence, given I did not identify the thing and only picked up on others’ clues. I was, to be fair, thoroughly surprised by the result (if it is the correct result).

      But of course, my apologies if I posted a spoiler.

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