Friday mystery object #297

Happy Friday everyone! Once again it’s time for the mystery object and once again I’m in a different country and am relying on a photo I have on my phone to supply you with a specimen for identification. That means the photo isn’t ideal, but it does mean I have something a bit different from the usual skull or bone:


Any idea what species this colourful insect and its less lovely larva might be?

As always you can put your questions, observations and suggestions in the comments section below. Have fun!

15 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #297

  1. After a bit of scarrabaling around I’m gutted that Stephen’s nose is so spotty. Perhaps he picked up something in West Africa?

  2. OK. Confession time (and just to frustrate poor Paolo), how many of us found this out with a simple google search for spotted green beetle, or words to that effect?

    I’ll confess to having done it. Any others? Fess up now: it’s good for your soul, allegedly.

  3. Let’s go with a scarab that sounds like a bacterial infection of the nose that’s been hitting the carbs and beer for too long. And I went to an old fashioned tomb beaten from cotton fibers and sewn with recycled hair form some large mammal (that last part might be hyperbole).

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