16 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #287

  1. Looks like a lot of liquid to ‘siphon’ or ‘pour’ into that specimen tube, hope that you ‘coped’. Seen something like that before, or at least as alike as a pea in a ‘pod’

  2. Oh cripes! I just realised what it is: the growing embryo of an Alien. When t has developed a bit more it shoots out of the egg and latches onto your face. We need NASA to develop tech, not just stuff to blast away encroaching asteroids, but formaldehyde sprays – instant death to and preservation of these buggers.

  3. So how many guesses do we get? And can I say I am firmly against the ‘dealing with a pea covering’ camp. I’ve seen bucket loads of them and nothing with what appear to be oversized antennae in that position. Jones can disagree if he wants….

  4. You know what? That ‘abdomen’ makes me suspect this may be a larval thingy rather than the reproductive stage of this particular arthropod.

    We’re all agreed it’s an arthropod right? (Oh the horror and shame if I’m wrong about that!)

  5. So, taking everyone else’s hints about this being an oar-foot, may I guess that the genus sounds like one of those Roman emperor chappies? One of the nasty ones…

  6. Although I can’t follow palfreyman and Richard – too cryptic for my feeble brain. I do agree with a genus beginning with L and ending in ‘us’ with a species that sounds like a semiaquatic wippomorph after a good polish. I’d love for this to be my biological genius coming through, but I really can’t take credit…Thank you high res images from this summer’s trip to the Grant Museum!! I want a micrarium too…

    • palfreyman was referring to “Caligus” (Caligula was the emperor he spoke of) which is a synonym of Lepeophtheirus. I was guessing the species as Salmon Louse (Lepeophtheirus salmonis).

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