Friday mystery object #255

This Friday I have a slightly odd looking object for you to identify:


It’s quite distinctive for those who’ve seen this sort of thing before, so to keep it fun for those who aren’t familiar please try to be a bit creative with your suggestions in the comments box below. Bonus points for anything that rhymes… have fun!

9 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #255

  1. I suspect you are here in fact showing us two different objects. While I have no idea what the first one might be, the second is easy: I just had one with my coffee. Compare the (well-baked) specimen of danish “snegl” (or “snail” to anglophones) at (second photo from top). The danishes there are all American danishes, but quite unusually for American danishes they look like Danish danishes. Take the word of a native of the land of Danish danishes: your specimen is severely overbaked or, just possibly, the result of interbreeding with a brownie that had white icing. If it is as overbaked as it looks, no Dane would eat it. In fact I would much sooner eat a garden variety American danish.

    Quite apart from this snail business, I am glad I found your informative site. I came to it looking for a sane piece of writing on the Atacama skeleton, and I found what I was looking for. 🙂

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