Friday mystery object #248

This week I have another perplexing mystery object for you, that I’ve found harder to identify than expected:

click to embiggen

I’ve compared it to several specimens in a similar size range and it hasn’t matched any of them well enough to make a confident attempt at identification. Whatever  it is, I don’t have a skeleton of anything comparable in the stores at the Horniman, and it’s a chunky critter with much more robust hind limbs than a Eurasian Badger Meles meles.

Any suggestions on what this might be from would be greatly appreciated!

9 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #248

      • Funnily enough, Wombat popped into my head as a possibility as a I was writing the post, so I’m glad you suggested it too! Need to check against a comparative specimen, but images online make me think that the ungal size and shape isn’t quite right and the calcaneus seems too elongate in this specimen.

        Definitely worth a second look though!

  1. It’s not a wombat. Too stocky and the greater trochanter is too high . I don’t know what it is but I’m fairly certain it isn’t North American . It would seem to be a plantigrade walking,raccoon -wolverine sized animal but heavier . Longer heavier legs than a North American Badger. By the shape of the head of the femur – something with need for a lot of mobility to the back legs. Something heavy and slow moving . All those bones look extra heavy duty. Even that calcaneus is extra thick. Good one whatever it is . .

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