Friday mystery object #247

This week I have a complete mystery for you to identify. I’ve checked this specimen against all sorts of species and have drawn a blank. So, I’m opening it up to you, to see if you have some inspiration to help me solve what this is:


As usual, you can put your thoughts, questions and suggestions in the comments box below. I look forward to hearing your ideas!

14 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #247

  1. Oh interesting! What’s the story behind the split down the middle? Did it come to you like that or was that part of research? May we see the cross section? (Assuming the cut does go all the way through)

    • I did mean to upload the section details as well, but completely forgot! I’ll add them as soon as I get a chance – I think you’ll find them interesting!

  2. It’s a really tricky one. Clearly a metapodial, with joint surfaces on both lateral and medial sides, so the animal has at least two toes on each foot. Very large, which will exclude most species. It doesn’t match bear in shape – and probably too large for that anyway. I’d check hippo and rhino for starters. Possibly even walrus and elephant seal although I suspect their hind feet may be too slender. (If you’re still stumped, are you sure it’s relatively recent and not megafauna? That would give you a lot more options)

  3. With facets on at least 3 sides, it has more than 2 toes. Pinnipeds have really flat metatarsals, so I would eliminate those, but will check in case my memory is poor. They are adult, so doubt if it would be anything as large as hippo/rhino, and I don’t think the form is right (can’t remember). I don’t think it is N. American, as it is unfamiliar to me, but can’t wait to get into the museum to look.

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