Friday mystery object #243

This week I have a fragment of a toothy object for you to identify:


Any idea what species this fearsome looking row of teeth might have come from?

You can put your thoughts, questions and suggestions below. Have fun working it out!

22 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #243

  1. it does look like it should belong to a python with those backwards pointing teeth but there don’t seem to be enough teeth? Is this one side of a lower jaw? It’s definitely primitive reptile but difficult to tell without the whole jaw and skull. I’d hedge my bets on Python.

  2. Looks to me like the maxilla of a primitive snake with aglyphous teeth, possibly a python or a boa. Finding it difficult to narrow it down any further than that. Is it broken off at the back? It looks a little short to be something like a reticulated python or a boa constrictor, but could be if it’s broken. I can’t tell them apart from just the one bone.

  3. This is fun to look at for a dental hygienist….my first gut instinct is to guess some sort of deep-sea toothy fish. After reading the other comments (and having no experience in identifying pieces of skull other than human) reptiles seem like a good answer. I’ll look forward to future mystery objects that you post! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hmm It’s a right maxilla from a constrictor snake and if it’s not Boa.. I wonder if it’s somewhat related to that monster who try to eat Jennifer Lopez on that awful ’97 movie.
    A maxilla +9 cm long is for a really big bite!

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