Friday mystery object #208 answer

Last Friday I gave you this mystery object to have a go at identifying:


I wasn’t sure if it would be too easy but it turns out that no-one managed to identify it, so I guess not!

Lots of suggestions were made, from a bum (thanks Jake) or coco-de-mer to the join in a lip to the cleft between toes – but the closest suggestion came from newbie Daniela, who suggested an armpit.

The reason I thought you might find this easy is because it’s the armpit (or perhaps flipperpit is more accurate) of the Horniman’s infamous Walrus Odobenus rosmarus (Linnaeus, 1758). This fine, if portly, specimen will be back from his hols in Margate soon.


I expect the presence of the hair may have thrown people off the scent, as we don’t tend to think of Walruses as being hairy – but as we can see, they are. A bit.

3 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #208 answer

  1. That was lovely. If I ever get to England I want to visit you and the walrus. I’ll leave my husband in the gardens as he is not as enthralled with museums as I am and I spend way too long in them.

  2. Yeah !!!! Almost !!!!!! I’ve been a follower of the blog since May or something, and i never had the courage (or a lot of laziness) to try. If i ever go to the Horniman´s i´m going to try make you a visit, if they let me!!! ah ah ah ! compliments from Portugal!!

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