Oddjects No.6

Next week we’ll be reviewing our mineral collections at the Horniman, which means that I’ve been trying to track down the various minerals in the collection. Amongst them I found this rather lovely sample of bismuth – a non-toxic, silvery, heavy metal that can naturally grow into an intricate step-structure crystal.

Bismuth crystal

As the outer surface of the bismuth crystal oxidises it becomes iridescent, creating a beautiful and multifaceted structure that is really quite gorgeous. Hope you like it!

2 thoughts on “Oddjects No.6

  1. Love the bismuth photo and am glad Horniman curates its mineral collection. Sadly, Yale’s Peabody Museum gifted its mineral collection away some years back. I still mourn the loss.

  2. Bismuth is my all time favourite mineral though I have never been able to take any spectacular photographs of it.

    Think I might need to buy a macro lens. Hmm…

    Also, can I work at the museum please? Thanks 😉

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