14 thoughts on “Friday mystery object #196

  1. Well… It’s a mammalian sacrum and tail… Probably easier to identify if the pelvis had been attached, of course… The sacrum is wider than I may expect from a prehensile tailed rodent…. Would I be warm if I guessed a small pr1m*te?

    • It’s not like any of the primates I’ve compared it to, but I might simply have not found the right specimen. I don’t think this tail is prehensile – they’re made of multiple relatively shorter elements with a very clear process on the ventral side of the vertebrae, but it could be an Old World Monkey…

    • That’s an interesting suggestion Jake – I don’t have an otter’s tail for comparison, but I think that they probably have better developed lateral processes, as the tail is very muscular for use in swimming. I’ll see if I can find something to compare it to!

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